Steerable thrusters originated during the late 1930s. Their first large scale operation was on US pontoon barges and ferries hopping islands in the Pacific.

Later on, they were extensively used by the allied forces during the Normandy landings on landing crafts, so-called Rhino ferries, and at a later stage installed on pontoons to cross rivers in mainland Europe.

In the early 1950s, a license was issued to the United Kingdom, from which Hydromaster was born. Hydromaster spent the following decades building 360 degrees steerable thrusters on this revolutionary technology.

Valued for its sturdy fully-mechanical design, Hydromaster propels hundreds of ferries, barges and pontoons worldwide every day – from remote locations with no support facilities, demanding environments of marine contractors and the armed forces to state-of-the-art hybrid or full electric propulsion systems.

At Hydromaster we continue to maintain our original design, unique for its simplicity and durability. At the same time, we’re investing in innovative solutions and applying the latest insights and technologies, with the ultimate goal of providing our clients with the best possible solutions.


Hydromaster propulsion units are available in a power range of 36 to 1000 kW (50 to 1360 hp) and meet the requirements of all major classification societies.

It is our policy to provide the customer with what they need, using smart, cost-effective designs and builds, taking full account of the operating conditions and environment.


Hydromaster azimuth thrusters are available in L or Z drive configurations, electric, diesel or hydraulic driven.


Hydromaster's deck-mounted propulsion units are fully self-contained outboard propulsion units with a prime mover.


Hydromaster's transom-mounted azimuth thruster combines an inboard engine room configuration with an outboard thruster.


Used for auxiliary propulsion or for station keeping capabilities, are available with all drive systems.


Hydromaster's high-speed thrusters combine a pulling type propeller with an optimised and streamlined underwater body shape.


Our tunnel thrusters have relatively large propeller diameters, producing more thrust at a lower input power.


Modular and type approved, build to cater to the specific thruster application and needs of the customer.


The Steerable Jet is a fully 360° steerable thruster with a horizontal propeller whereby the thrust nozzle is flush with the hull.

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