House of Humphree

Humphree was founded by a team of hydrodynamic engineers and marine engineers, active in the field of high-speed marine propulsion and ship hydrodynamics since the early 1990s. The company was established in Sweden 2002 with the mission to provide and develop innovative products and services to the market. Packaging our knowhow in hydrodynamics, electronics and digital control onto products easy to use and install. We are 100% committed to delivering products and services that out perform all others. Our commitment enables boat builders to stay ahead of their competition, and provides the boating community the safest, most comfortable, boating experience possible.

Improve your working days

Since 2002, our naval engineers have developed premium products for the Marine Commercial market which make a significant difference at sea: fte difference between comfort and seasickness, the difference between low and high fuel consumption, the difference between excellent visibility from the helm or poor visibility from the helm, the difference between a successful working day and a mediocre one.

It's all about comfort and safety

For planing and semiplaning monohull and catamaran vessels, our interceptor based stabilization systems will make you experience less roll and pitch motions, better performance, lower fuel consumption and safe comfortable turns. fte interceptor trim tabs provides the most efficient trim and stabilisation system on the market.

Our electric fin stabilisation system will stabilise your boat at anchor and throughout the whole speed range with unique performance also during turns integrated with the steering of the boat. fte integration of interceptors and fin stabilisers will provide an exclusive ability to control your vessel with comfort and safety no matter if you are at anchor or at speed.

Downloads includes Manuals, Product Brochures, 3D models, and other useful documentation regarding our system.